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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Freon Freezer Packaging Machine THE DUPPS CO. GERMANTOWN, OHIO Hog DeHairer DURA-BELTING CO., INC. BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA Belt (Edges sealed w/chemically acceptable compound) EAGLE BELTING COMPANY DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS Eagle Urethane Belting (Food contact — for use below 150® F.) EAGLE MACHINERY CO., LTD. Dehairing machine. Dehairing machine is used for dehairing pigs after slaughtering and parboiling. Getting the right dehairing effect depands on correct parboiling which should last 4-5 min. in the temperature of water 64 o -65 o C...

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Each pig is scalded and scraped, keeping the pig's skin and head intact. Final payment is due at or before pick-up and based on carcass hanging weight at $7.75 per pound. Spit pigs weigh 45-100 lbs. We will contact you shortly after receipt of your order to discuss the size of pig needed for your event. Sale of Surplus and Obsolete Items (Contains 75 Codes) ... Dehairer and Dehider 800-08 800-14 800-16 800-17 800-24 ... Pigs, and Swine (Breading Stock) Hogs, Pigs and Swine (Breeding Stock) Hogs, Pigs and Swine (Commercial) Horses Houses and Cages, Bird 020 Tree and Root Cutters and Stump Grinders, Tractor Mounted Tree Girdlers and Timber Tongs Umbrellas, Tractor Unloaders and Elevators, Grain Wedges, Steel, Tree Felling and Splitting 022 Brush Chipper, Cutter and Saw Parts Cultivating ...

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Pig Bath with 3 gas rings underneath: 7x Ham Presses: Commercial Pig Dehairer: 350L Hot Water Cylinder: Winches: Bowl Chopper: Asstd Sheep Gambles: Air Compressor: Asstd Seasonings, Labels, Plastic Bags: Wedderburn DIGI DP-90 Labeler: 3-Phase Band Saw: Walk in Freezer: 2x Stainless Steel Tables: Brine Tank: Stainless Steel Basin on Wheels: Meat ... Jumbo U Dehairer Models 58, 59 & 60. The Sperling “Boss” U-Bar hog dehairer is a “Boss” innovation. Present models incorporate all the advantages which have been devised through the intervening years by the “Boss” staff and industry hog dehairing specialists. They are built in various sizes and capacities to meet plant requirements. 998-08 arts and crafts, sale of surplus and obsolete items 962-07 arts services, cultural, design, visual, etc.(inactive, please see commodity code 961-04 effective january 1, 965-15 artwork, camera ready 345-05 asbestos abatement equipment and supplies 918-13 asbestos consulting 510-16 asbestos covers and pads 967-16 asbestos products ...

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DEHAIRER, HOG, CINCINNATIAN STYLE, REDUCER, DRIVE, 20:1. Welcome to, where we bring to you more than 75 years of experience helping our customers find quality, competitively-priced products for their specific applications.