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Feb 26, 2009 · Most noises during cool-down can be ignored, as these are usually just the natural sounds of the hot metal contracting as it cools. 2. Run the engine with the bike standing stationary. Put your ear two to three inches from the exhaust pipe and follow it along its length, listening for a whistling or puffing sound.

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Beds - Vehicles For Sale in Cana, VA: 2018 FORD F 150 XLT in Galax, 2015 FORD F 150 CC in Level Cross, 2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman in in Mt Airy, 2019 Ram 1500 SLT in in Mt Airy. 2. Overheating: Harley-Davidson engines run hot. The 88 cubic inch engine ran hot and at the high limits and the 96 cubic inch engine runs hotter yet which is not good for the engine. if it happens when the bike gets hot it is your crank position sensor it is located by your oil filter.

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Dec 01, 2012 · The Harley dealer says some make more noise than others, doesn’t sound normal to me, it is louder at higher rpms when I am riding at 55 and higher mph it seems to get louder, no noise at idle or when it is under a load. The noise seems to be coming from under the gas tank and it is very hard to pinpoint. harley-davidson motorcycles are for on-road use only; ... warm or hot engine; ... harley-davidson noise control system warranty.

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Hi, I just purchased a 2009 fxdc great bike sofar, However when I start the motor I hear a loud metalic clunk/clank then it starts. My dealer says that is is the compensating sprocket and it is normal. I guess that I believe him but just for a piece of mind does anybody else hear this also? The FatBoy comes in both a 107" and 114" engine. The bike in this video features the later. With 119 ft. lbs of torque, you have to be sure to hold on for the duration of your ride. Take one for a test ride today at Hot Metal Harley-Davidson. 1122 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin PA, 15122. When. hot engine does not start readily after two or three. strokes of the foot starter crank, it is usually due to an overrich Viooded) condition, and the proper Be alert for deficiency in. engine performance such as lack of usual power, misfiring, unusual. noise, stalling, indication of engine overheating, or...